WordPress Sites

Why should we choose a WordPress websites?

Using WordPress has great advantages and our all websites are word press based. Here are some advantages which can make you sure about this:

1. Firstly the ease of use, WordPress has an intuitive interface. Uploading images, blog posts, and adding new pages can be a very quick and easy task. This is because it is has a very simple technology and time spent on formatting is actually reduced.

2. Next best thing about WordPress is that you can operate your website from any computer and all this is possible because it is browser-based. You just have to login from any computer which has an internet connection and can manage your site.

3. As WordPress is a self contained system, it doesn’t require any HTML editing software. You can create new pages, blog posts, upload images and edit them, format your text, upload documents, make image galleries, all this without the need of HTML or FTP software.

4. The search engines love WordPress sites. As the code behind these sites are very clean and simple which makes it easier from search engines to read and index a site’s content. Tags can also be used to enhance your search engine optimization efforts.

5. WordPress sites ensure you to extend the functionality of your site with plugins. Such as event calendar, video galleries, Twitter feed, Facebook fan box etc. most of these are free and others at very reasonable prices.

6. Since WordPress is originally created as a blogging platform, it’s all blogging capabilities are in-built. It is also very easy to setup RSS on your blogs, its commenting capabilities, and also automatically adding the most recent blog posts to other pages of your site. This makes your site dynamic and interactive.